Shower Door Glass Thickness Matters

Glass shower design and style just isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. You can get customized shower glass doorways in a very large choice of glass measurements, kinds and tints, but anything you really need to focus on first is glass thickness golden elite deco. Believe you’ll be able to get by with light-weight, thinner doors? Sure, it is possible to, but you can finish up changing them far more frequently. Here is whatever you have to consider in order for you your glass shower layout to go the distance.

Important Factors of Glass Shower Design and style

Shower Glass Panel

Being a general rule, a stationary shower glass panel is designed out of ½ inch glass. On the other hand, for the doorway that opens and closes, it is best to work with 3/8-inch glass. It’s not about making the shower door thinner; it really is essentially creating the panel thicker.


Custom made shower glass doorways rely on hinges which have been potent plenty of to assist ½ inch glass. But when only 3/8 inch glass is employed for the door, you will see that the hinges run greater, less complicated and lengthier. Why? It is really simply because they’re not taxed or burdened for their boundaries.

Hinging to some Wall

Lots of situations, due to several different circumstances, the shower door can not be hinged into a wall, that is typically the best way to help the burden. When this really is the situation, a professional shower door installer will ordinarily hinge the doorway off a further shower glass panel. Producing the shower glass panel thicker, heavier and more powerful will proficiently assistance the weight of the door. By doing this, the door will open up and shut effortlessly, and there will be no excess anxiety on the components.

Tempered Glass

Glass shower design is often created with tempered glass, supplied its security value. It is really created by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and promptly chilling it with cold air. This method provides highly appealing conditions of induced strain and success in added strength, resistance to thermal worry and impression resistance. This means it’ll never ever break into sharp, jagged edges, but instead, it varieties little oval pebbles.

Decorative Features

If you would like to incorporate a decorative accent strip on the inside of your shower walls, choose one that does not have closely textured or critical raises during the completed area. It can be crucial to make sure these components usually are not positioned in spots where by edges of your glass would occur into get in touch with. These sorts of applications can adversely affect placement of the tailor made glass shower doors and also the form of hinges applied.


It only usually takes one particular moment for any shower glass panel or doorway to break or shatter. For those who create customized shower glass doors Ideal with the starting, they are going to be safer and may previous for a longer time regardless how normally the shower is made use of with a each day basis. Any time you pick to save lots of a little of money by choosing thinner glass, you happen to be in fact putting your basic safety at risk.

For anyone who is renovating your present toilet shower or ranging from scratch, your very best guess is to attain out into a qualified shower door installer. Rather than picking out the pieces on your own, you are going to contain the assurance of recognizing your shower glass doorway thickness and also other components are not only stunning, but will also safe.

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